We have one job.

Today, Dennis and I had the privilege of attending a Donor Appreciation Luncheon with our foster
Olive Crest graciously invited foster families to attend the event, and we said, "Yes!" without knowing what to expect.
But the Lord knew exactly why He had us there.
The keynote speaker aimed an arrow right at my heart, confirming the stirrings that have been dwelling there, and had me crying happy, confused, wondering, frustrated, hopeful tears on the drive home.

After praying, listening to one of my favorite worship songs on a loop, and calling a sweet and encouraging fellow foster/adopt friend, the Lord quieted my heart and encouraged me with His ever-precious still, small voice.
As if He whispered, "Don't look at the obstacles, daughter. All you need to do is step forward in obedience. I will take care of the rest."

So we will keep moving forward in our foster care journey, trying our very best not to look around at the sometimes overwhelming circumstances - but keep our eyes UP - trusting the Lord with every detail and every decision.
He is the One giving orders.
Our job?
We overestimate what is required to make a difference.
We underestimate what we have to offer. 

- Jason Weber 
National Director of Foster Care Initiatives for the Christian Alliance of Orphans

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