A Wonderful Weekend of Birthday Family FUN!

The weekend ended with a Family Night.
Dinner, a leisurely walk, tossing a football at the local university ❤ TOGETHER! ❤
I LOVE my family!

The weekend began with a Friday morning pedicure date with Ellie
She was SO excited and could not stop looking at her sparkly blue toenails!

The afternoon found me watching Pride & Prejudice and then enjoying a delightful nap. 

In the evening, Isaiah and I went to In-N-Out for dinner and then to his flag football game.
Always a good time to watch my guys play ball!

The next day - a lunch date with Josiah!
Followed by an afternoon all.to.myself. (a rare occasion indeed)

Baby snuggles - a precious, precious gift!

The man who made it all possible!
Thank you, Dennis, for making me feel loved, appreciated, and wanted on my birthday.
❤ I love you! ❤

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