48 years of life. 48 reasons to praise God!

For these ,,,  I am thankful!

48. Dennis - and 26 years of marriage. ❤
47. Micah
46. Luke
45. Caleb
44. Matthew
43. Josiah
42. Isaiah
41. Ellie
40. Family
39. Friendships that are steadfast and unshifting through the storms and trials of life
38. Authenticity
37. Faithfulness
36. Brothers and sisters who encourage and uplift those around them
35. Laughter
34. Thoughtfulness
33. Selflessness
32. People willing to sacrifice their comforts to serve the hurting and the broken
31. Compassion that spurs ACTION
30. Titus 2 men and women who willingly and graciously invest in younger brethren
29. Freedom to worship
28. The beauty of worshipping with the body of Christ
27. Creativity
26. The godly wisdom of those who have walked intimately with the Lord for decades
25. Vulnerability
24. Truth-tellers
23. The humility of others that literally makes them disappear while all glory is directed to God
22. Godly men who study, pray over and preach the Word of God with passion and without apology
21. Brothers and sisters who care more about holiness than happiness
20. Words of encouragement
19. Creation ... rain, wind, colorful flowers, ocean waves, giraffes
18. Health
17. Discernment exercised by the godly and the wise
16. People who ponder before answering/speaking (Proverbs 15:28)
15. Pleasant memories
14. Trials that produce maturity, strength, growth and greater dependency on the Lord
13. Repentance that leads to restoration
12. Visible fruit in the life of believers who are passionately pursuing Christ
11. People who do the right thing when it is not the "easy" thing
10. Being trusted to walk through the sins and struggles with a brother/sister in Christ
9. Gentleness
8. Kindness
7. Scripture - the beautiful, inspired, perfect word of God
6. Prayer - continual access to God every minute of every day
5. Forgiveness
4. Second-chances
3. Mercy
2. Grace
1. LIFE!

Let me live that I may praise You, and may Your laws sustain me. Psalm 119:175

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