Thankful and BLESSED because he is here!

One month has passed since we brought Baby E home, and within the first three days, we were in
Dennis and I awaken each morning to his giant smile beaming at us from across the room as he eagerly awaits being picked up and cuddled. And within minutes, Josiah, Isaiah, and Ellie file in and take turns greeting him, hugging him, and making him laugh. He is a rock star in the Eastman home - and he loves EVERY minute of it!

Baby E is happy, enthusiastic, active, affectionate, and continually rewards us with incredible smiles and wonderful hugs. He is the first person Caleb seeks out when he returns home, and Micah and Luke are quick to pick him up or laugh when greeted with his signature "Iron Man" move and "What's Up?" head nod. He brings joy to every Eastman and instantly draws out of our affectionate nature. The vote is unanimous! We all adore Baby E! ♥

I receive a double portion of joy because I have the privilege of spending eight hours with his mom - every week! Eight hours of watching her engage with her son. Eight hours of watching him respond to his mom. Talking, laughing, singing songs, reading books, playing games, eating, peek-a-boo, rocking together while he drinks his bottle, hugging and kissing each other. She can make him laugh so hard his smile is ready to crack his face in two. And I enjoy every.single.moment. Not only am I granted the delight of witnessing sweet exchanges between mother and son, but the Lord has also created a comfort and a trust between us. We greet each other with smiles and hugs, her son practically leaps out of my arms to get to her, and we enjoy conversation and laughter during our visits. How precious it is to be invited into the life and heart of another!

We don't know how long Baby E will be a part of our family, but we are thankful he is here now. ❤


Each time I pick up a child to join our family until he/she can return home, the Lord attaches a song to our meeting. The reason is not always obvious to me in the beginning but becomes as clear as crystal as the days roll on. Since music ministers to me in a unique way, I am continually thankful that the Lord chooses this medium to encourage me and draw my thoughts, emotions, and affections toward Him ... especially when they have been tempted to look elsewhere.

Only You - David Crowder
Take my heart, I lay it down
At the feet of You whose crowned
Take my life, I'm letting go
I lift it up to You who's throned
And I will worship You, Lord
Only You, Lord
And I will bow down before You
Only You Lord
Take my fret, take my fear
All I have, I'm leaving here
Be all my hopes, be all my dreams
Be all my delights, be my everything
And it's just You and me here now
Only You and me here now
You should see the view
When it's only You

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