Such a life!

Rarely am I granted the privilege of consuming an entire biography in one day, but illness afforded me such an opportunity to do so with this treasure, and I am grateful!

Having long-admired her husband, I was eager to read about the life of the woman behind the man, and I was not disappointed. 

Susannah Spurgeon is a terrific model of what it looks like to serve your husband with faithful attention and affection, train your children to fear and love the Lord, and serve your Savior with passion and purpose. 

Understanding her makes me appreciate the godly preacher whom she loved with fervor all the more, and I am grateful the author dedicated time, energy, and enthusiasm to put her story into print.

Her great-great-granddaughter captures the essence of Susie in these two sentences:
"She was rooted in Christ, she abided in Him, and she made sure she went to Him in all situations. When there were good times, she gave Him the praise, and when there were trials, she fell on her knees before Him."

Oh, to be a Susannah! Firmly planted on the Rock of Ages and faithfully declaring His glory and goodness with every breath.

Thank You, Lord, for such a life!

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