Happy Birthday, Ellie!

Nine years!
It has been nine years since the Lord gave us the daughter we never thought we would have
and the daughter we didn't know we NEEDED.
He gave us our Ellie! ❤

You are a composite of every other Eastman.
Every single quality you possess can be linked to your dad, to me, or to your brothers.
Yet you are 100% uniquely YOU!
And perfectly happy to be so.

Bursting with energy.
A leader.
Quick to laugh.

You are all of these things and more, Ellie Ruth Eastman!

We have no idea what the Lord has planned for your life, but we are confident He is going to do something unique, for He did not place you at the end of a string of five older brothers without a purpose!
You are absolutely fearless, willing to stand up to the greatest opposition without giving one thought to the consequences. While this does not always bode well for you in our home <grin>, it is a
quality that allows people to remain steadfast and immovable in the face of tremendous obstacles.
You do not accept, "You can't." Ever.
Your mind races, always looking for another way to get around the barrier in front of you, and it does not stop until you have found the solution. This really is an amazing skill, Ellie, and we pray the Lord will sanctify this character quality so it can be used to wonderfully benefit others and bring Him glory.

We still remember laughing when the doctor declared, "You're having a girl!"
(Even the medical community thought the female gene did not exist in our family pool!)
But the Lord knew.
He knew we needed you.
He has been teaching, refining, stretching, and blessing us since the day we saw your face for the first time.
And we are, and always will be, forever grateful. ❤

We love you, Ellie Ruth!
Happy 9th Birthday!