Celebrating 26 years of MARRIAGE!

Today we spent time talking about our life together as husband and wife and had fun making a list of the ways the Lord has worked in us - together - these past 26 years.
He has walked with us always, for on our own we would not have made it past year two.
In our foolishness, our pride, our selfishness - He was there.
Always prodding, always challenging, always convicting, always encouraging.
Dennis and I are not celebrating 26 years of marriage today because of anything we have done.
We are celebrating 26 years of marriage because of a faithful God who absolutely refused to let us go.
It is because of Him, and Him alone, that our commitment to, our faithfulness in, and our love for one another stands firm.
We are and will remain, forever grateful to God for such a gift.

❤ 26 Reasons To Praise God On Our Anniversary! 

1. He has given us seven wonderful children, six of whom we have enjoyed on earth, and one who has only known the beauty of heaven.
2. We are not the same people who said, "I do" two decades ago. The Lord has changed us and grown us and stretched us beyond what we could have imagined.
3. We appreciate each other more than we did when we were young.
4. We have learned how to disagree (dare we say fight?) respectfully.
5. We have made many wonderful memories together.
6. We have learned how to overlook offenses instead of dying on every hill.
7. Respectful, thoughtful communication became a priority after years of apathy.
8. We learned how to listen to each other.
9. When one is in the depths of despair, the other knows how to pull him/her out.
10. Each of us has an enthusiastic, never-tiring cheerleader to scream, "Keep going! You can DO THIS!" when one of us wants to quit.
11. We have learned how to forgive harsh offenses and deep hurts.
12. He taught us how to embrace our differences instead of fight against them.
13. When we lost Matthew, He caused us to cling to one another instead of pushing each other away.
14. He has given us the desire of our hearts by allowing us to become a foster family!
15. He has used us to refine one another, constantly sanding the rough edges to remove more of "self."
16. We have suffered together in the fire of affliction and come out of the flames stronger.
17. We laugh together.
18. We weep together.
19. We pray together.
20. We have enjoyed beautiful friendships with godly couples who make us better.
21. Trust has been earned, appreciated, and cherished after being taken for granted for far too long.
22. He has planted us in a God-fearing, biblical-teaching, faithfully-led church and an amazing church body with whom we worship and learn and serve.
23. He has blessed us with a godly couple who disciples, prays for, rebukes, challenges, rejoices and weeps with, and encourages us to know and love God more; and therefore, view each other and our children through a biblical lens.
24. We seek each other's counsel and respect one another's perspective.
25. Being complete opposites has taught us to see life through different eyes instead of assuming there is only "one way." And doing so has made life much more colorful and exciting!
26. We have learned that the best thing we can do for our marriage is to seek Christ first and foremost because when He is our focus, all of the details of life sort themselves out and stay in their proper place.

Happy Anniversary, Dennis Eastman!
Today I am praising God that He purposefully chose us for each other. We had no idea what we were signing up for when we said, "I do," twenty-six years ago, but the Lord DID!
And praise Him - He is not finished with us yet!
I love you. ♥ Michelle