Wedding Reception FUN!

Graham & Staci were married May 4th in Arizona, but celebrated with California friends today!
Gorgeous day - gorgeous park - and a very happy Bride & Groom.
Thank you for letting us share in your joy!

 Julie (Graham’s mom) came out of nowhere - just appeared in my life -
and became a faithful and fabulous FRIEND! 

Thankful to have snapped a few selfies with my guys!
Ellie was with us, but was so busy playing with and taking care of the G3 - 
she never made it in front of the camera. 

Two of our oldest, delightful, wonderful friends were at the reception - Bruce & Charise!
We have been friends since college and spent almost every night together (as young married couples) talking, eating dinner, watching stupid shows, and laughing a TON until they were called to the mission field in Chihuahua, Mexico. Oh, how we MISSED them!
Dennis and Bruce have been best friends since the day they met - in 1988 - and they literally (yes, I am using the word correctly) talk every.single.day. Half the time Charise and I roll our eyes at their nonsense, but we know they are truly good for each other - in every way.
Charise and I taught Pre-K together for a year and created a deep bond because of it.
She is a unique woman who can make me laugh with just a facial expression. She is a GEM.
What an unexpected DELIGHT it was to see them today. It felt like we were 22 again, and I loved it!

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