Wrapping up our Middle Ages study with a show!

A field trip to Medieval Times was a fitting and fun way to end our study of the middle ages.

When Ellie took the throne, she told the boys, "You are my Knights!"
Isaiah did not mind this declaration, but Josiah CLEARLY had problems with it!

A kind worker took pity on the homeschool group (four Eastmans) and granted us access to the collection of real swords made by hand in Spain. They were mesmerizingly gorgeous! (My favorite held a sapphire.) Had we $800 worth of change in our pockets, we could have taken one home with us. Maybe next time! ⚔️🛡🗡⚔️🛡🗡

Another benefit of being the lone homeschool group in a sea of school kids?
Being seated in the front row - by ourselves! (Josiah, Isaiah, and Ellie were thrilled!)
Giant drumsticks - corn on the cob - a potato - garlic bread - and a cookie for lunch. YUM!

Before the tournament began, they provided a half-hour presentation on chivalry in the 21st century.
They addressed kindness, compassion, accepting people who are different than us, defending the weak, and bullying. Well done, Medieval Times! WELL DONE!

We cheered for our Green Knight throughout the tournament, and he chose Ellie to receive one of the flowers he was awarded from the queen. She was embarrassed - but glad!

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