Happy Birthday, Isaiah!

Ten years!
For ten years you have been an absolute blessing to our family, Isaiah Daniel!

You are funny.
A thinker.
You have an active imagination.
You are creative.
A risk taker.
Quick to try new things.
A faithful friend.

Since the day you were born you have made all of us smile, and our home and family would not be as entertaining or light-hearted without you!

We have no idea what the Lord has planned for your life, but we pray you will always SEEK His plans and follow them quickly, obediently, and joyfully. You do not belong to us, Isaiah. You belong to the Lord. A God who made you with His own hands and in His own image. Whatever you do must be for His glory, not your own. People are drawn to you because of your easygoing nature, but it will be the light of Christ shining through you that will keep them by your side.

Do not waste your youth, Isaiah. Ask God to give you a passion for prayer and a passion for reading His Word so you can spend your carefree days as a boy building up a storehouse of Scripture and strengthening your mind and your resolve through daily discourse with Him. He knows you best, son. He knows what you need. He knows where you are weak and He knows where your strengths lie.
SEEK HIM. Daily. Hourly if need be.
Before you look to me or Dad, your siblings or your friends - SEEK CHRIST.
He is your rock, your source of wisdom, and your strength.
He will never fail you, for He will never leave you or forsake you, and He is a God who cannot lie.
Like the prophet you were named after, be a boy who is BOLD. Never ashamed of the Gospel, and always willing to speak the truth with compassion and grace, even if it means standing alone.

We love you, Isaiah Daniel, and we are beyond blessed to call you our son. 

Happy 10th birthday!