Happy Birthday, Caleb!

15 years.

Life, health, learning, protection, maturity, and growth.
The Lord has been good to you, Caleb Jeremiah!

We are thankful for you.
Since you were a toddler, you have been a source of amusement, entertainment, and joy to every member of our family. Even your numerous facial expressions delighted us!
And nothing has changed.
You may have outgrown the silliness of childhood, but enough remains to keep you young at heart and able to connect with kids of all ages - and they love you!
It is fun to watch you surrounded by kids, being used as a human mountain, chasing them and making them laugh until their sides hurt, and picking up and smiling at the ones no one else even notices.
We have no idea what the Lord has ordained for your future, Caleb, but we are pretty certain He will use you to affect the lives of children in a way that matters.

You are a young man of simple needs and simple wants.
Contentment comes easily to you, and this is a character quality to maintain and strengthen.
Life is filled with challenges and disappointments, as you know, and a man who can roll with the punches, adapt to new circumstances and laugh in the midst of frustrations is a man people will appreciate and respect - and - a man who will provide encouragement and comfort for those who need it most.

I love you, Caleb Jeremiah, and I praise God for choosing us - for each other.
I will always be here to listen to, love, support, and serve you. ❤

Happy 15th birthday, my son!
Love, Mom