A Super FUN Sunday!

We registered for the babies the Lord will bring into our home!

My sister-in-law suggested it, one of my close friends encouraged it, and a dear friend
(and mother of an adopted baby) commanded it. ;o) So - we obeyed!
And had a blast. Well, Ellie and I had a blast! The men/boys tolerated it well and entertained each other while Ellie and I oohed and aahed over all of the fun items. 

It's a little tricky registering when you don't know if you will welcome a 2-week-old infant or a nine-month-old crawler, a boy or a girl, a healthy or a sick baby, so we did our best to prepare for any and every possible scenario. 

I cannot speak for the rest of the Eastmans, but today's outing made it all seem very VERY real. We were not registering for fun, though we enjoyed every minute. We were registering because the babies who come to us arrive with nothing - but need everything.

And yet, as helpful and purposeful as burp cloths and crib sheets and strollers are in baby land, the thing the babies will need most - is love. Praise God that LOVE is always available and always free!

(Note: not one picture has everyone smiling or looking at the camera,
so I included them all because together they capture the mood of the day!)