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Seven years ago I held this little girl, Grace, and her twin brother Henry in my arms when they were just weeks old. I barely knew their parents then, but I knew enough to want to be a part of their foster and adoption journey. And because they are gracious and wonderful people - they let me!
I will never forget the night I met Henry and Grace.
At the time, we were praying and considering a family mission trip to Africa, but as I held one teeny, tiny twin in each arm I realized that for the price of one week in Africa, we could change the life of another human being - forever.
We stayed home.
Fast forward five years. Our families were intertwined in a unique way, and through that, the Lord grew a friendship over the last three years that is precious and wonderful.
I had no idea when I held those little babies in my arms that we would one day be praying and working and preparing to become a Resource Family for babies in our own home! And yet, here we are. Thankful, blessed, and grateful. And it all started with Henry and Grace.❤

Speaking of ...
this is my darling sister and friend, Beth!
We planned, prepared, and prayed for the Lord to use The DropBox documentary to affect the hearts and minds of every person who attended our ministry movie night.
♥Special Needs + Orphan Care♥
We had no idea what to expect. Who would show up? 20 people? 40 people? 100?
We walked by faith, trusting the Lord to bring those He wanted to see, hear, and be challenged by the film.
Imagine our delight when 250 people walked through the doors!
Seniors, young couples, single men, teenagers, and children. Each one was drawn in by the invisible hand of a caring and compassionate God.
And I am confident that lives will be changed because of it.
The night was more than Beth and I expected - but everything we hoped for!♥

When we surrendered our family to foster care and adoption, we knew we were entering a war zone.
The enemy does not want the innocent protected.
He does not want the weak to be made strong.
He does not want the mute to be given a voice.
Every effort to rescue children from harm invites an attack from his camp. We have witnessed it, heard testimony of it, and wept with those who experienced it.
And the very day we turned in our foster care application we had to pull the enemy's arrows out of our own backs.
BUT GOD ... had already gone before us to move others to encourage us in our discouragement!
My brother and CC, together with their kids, called us three days later to announce that they started an Eastman Orphan Care Fund! Their excitement was contagious and it felt like the Lord was saying, "I see you. I know what you need. Do not lose heart!"
When we said goodbye to our family we looked at each other and smiled. NOTHING is too difficult for the Lord!

As I was preparing for my monthly meeting with the lovely woman who disciples me, I stepped away from the prep for a few minutes and found this site quite amusing when I returned.
All of this material was necessary just to BEGIN the current assignment she has given me. We haven't even started the actual work!
She pushes and challenges me in a way no one else has even attempted, and after two years of lapping up huge puddles of her godly wisdom and counsel, I want MORE.
How thankful I am for Titus 2 women!

Yesterday I turned the final page of this fantastic biography.
What an encouragement this man's life is to the saints who choose to study the way he lived!
My volumes are full of underlining and highlighting, for there is much to remember and take to heart. Below are two of his life mantras that move me most, and convict me to emulate his example.

"As he made his way toward the assembled congregation an elderly bystander, observing him more uneasy than usual, said to him, Sir, you are more fit to go to bed than to preach." To which Mr. Whitfield answered, "True, Sir:" but turning aside, he clasped his hands together, and looking up spoke, "Lord, Jesus, I am weary in Thy work, but not of Thy work. If I have not yet finished my course, let me go and speak for Thee once more in the fields, seal Thy truth, and come home and die."

In his last days, while suffering for breath, Whitefield said to his faithful assistant, "I cannot breathe, but I hope I shall be better by and by; a good pulpit sweat today may give me relief; I shall be better after preaching."
His assistant responded that he wished his master would not preach so often.
Whitefield replied, "I would rather wear out than rust out."
And this he did. Faithfully, wholeheartedly serving His God until he could literally do so no more.
May we all, like George, wear out for the Lord. ❤

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