Happy Birthday, Micah!

19 years!
The Lord has gifted you with 19 years of LIFE, Micah!
And we are grateful.❤

You add humor and fun to our days.
You are able to liven up any room and draw people into conversation and laughter.
You are quick to serve.
Quick to encourage.
Quick to give. Of your possessions and yourself.

It has been a joy to watch you grow and mature as a young man, pursuing your dreams, stepping out of your comfort zone, and pushing yourself farther than you thought you could go.
Even when you are hit with a setback, you respond with grace. Though frustrated, you take a deep breath, give yourself time to absorb the blow, and then look for a new way of doing things until you are able to do it your own way again. Don't ever let that character quality - resilience - atrophy.
Life is filled with challenges, changes, and disappointments, but the man who can adapt to the changes and find the beauty in the ash heap is a man who will be used by God to affect change and inspire others.
Be that man, Micah!

You have always been a thoughtful, affectionate son and brother and a faithful friend.
You bring great delight to me and your father, and your siblings enjoy and respect you.
Because you are a faithful friend, you attract strong, loyal, encouraging friends in return.
Cling to them! Invest in them! Invite them to speak truth into your life! And then watch as the Lord uses them to sharpen you in ways you could never accomplish on your own.

It has been a privilege to walk through your nineteen years of life TOGETHER, Micah Steven, and I look forward to walking through the rest of the years the Lord has ordained for us as mother and son.
You are a treasure, and I value your affection, your gentleness, your hugs, your "I love yous," and your desire to grow as a man and as a child of God. I will always love you, and I will always be here.
Mom ♥