Luke's 2019 adventure!

The siblings posed with Luke before we sent him off on his long-awaited Alaskan Adventure! 

Chaperoned by Chris & Lexie, the trio will spend three days viewing, photographing, and standing in awe of the NORTHERN LIGHTS! The predicted “high” is 0 degrees Fahrenheit, so we hope he makes it home with all of his fingers - and his nose! ❄️☃️❄️⛄️
They are going to have a fantastic time exploring the great state of Alaska,
and if all goes as planned, Luke will get to drive a dogsled! 

And to top it off, his new dog - ORION - will be waiting for him when he returns. 💙
He has been dreaming of this dog for Y E A R S. And now, the dream is becoming a reality!
2019 is starting off well for our Luke!