A promise worth flying for!

Today I made good on a promise I made to this young man when he was 10 years old.
He was obsessed with planes of every kind as a child (I met him when he was five years old), reading about them, watching videos about them, talking about them. Then one day, the passion turned from wanting to know about planes to wanting to be the pilot of the planes.
He worked diligently and faithfully to earn his pilot's license, and once he had it
he looked at me and asked, "So, are you ready to fly with me?"
I was thrilled that he remembered my promise - and - that he wanted me to fulfill it.
My answer, of course, was "YES! YES! YES!"
So today we flew into the wild blue yonder ... TOGETHER.

Drake does not like having his photo taken, but since he adores me (HA!) he willingly acquiesced to all of my photographic wants. When I asked for the obligatory cockpit/headphone shot I said,
"Thank you for tolerating my photo needs!"
Without missing a beat, and in true Drake Dusterhoft fashion, he responded,
"Oh, I've been tolerating you for YEARS!"

Drake, thank you for today!
I remember meeting you as a little boy with your blonde hair, blue eyes, and the hint of mischief always twinkling inside of them. You were sweet, adventurous, quick to laugh, and respectful.
You and I have always clicked. As a little boy, you didn't like to be touched, and because I knew that I would purposely chase you down, pick you up, swing you around, and hug and tickle you while you laughed and laughed. You never told me to put you down, and your mom would say, "He doesn't let ANYbody do that!" And we have been teasing and annoying each other ever since! <grin>
And now, here you are, twenty years old, an EMT and a pilot - and I am proud of you.
You worked diligently, faithfully, and sacrificed to get where you are, Drake.
You are a terrific pilot and I loved flying with you today!
Thank you for letting me be a part of your new world. Mrs. E

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