Female Family Member FUN!

A whole weekend of mothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, and nieces!
First stop - Dennis' birth mom, Sue, sisters Amy and Natalie, and niece Gillian.
We were blessed to find D's birth family 14 years ago - and we are grateful!
They have always welcomed and accepted us and this weekend was no exception.
We met for lunch at a fun restaurant, talked, laughed, took photos, and then spent time meandering through the shops downtown. It was a wonderful afternoon!

Sue took me to see my other sister-in-law, Kara, and we happened to arrive just when her husband's
newly remodeled truck had been delivered. Great photo op! 

Look at these pumpkins!
The biggest ones I have ever seen - on someone's porch! 
We stopped by Amy's house, which is always festive and adorable for every season,
and I could not pass up the opportunity to pose with the gigantic gourds.

Second stop - Mom Eastman and Denise!
Mom just finished round four of six chemo treatments, but you would never know it.
She has not been sick one day. Tired, yes. Sick, no. By the wonderful grace of God!
We enjoyed the afternoon and dinner together at Denise's house and Mom made us laugh by playing with her hat to make herself look like Mr. Magoo and talking about her bald head.
She has a fantastic attitude and intends to walk through her cancer trial with humor and grace.
Well done, Mom! You have already accomplished your goal!

My niece, Carly.
She is 17 and it was a Friday night so we took a selfie right away before she bolted. HAHA!
Love this girl, pray for her, and wish I could be with her more.

Poor Denise was sick while I was there (though she still maintained her excellent hosting skills) so she did not want to be captured on film. I, however, wanted to have proof we were together, so I came up with this idea. Our goodbye hug caught on film with her face hiding in my shoulder. Perfect!

Last stop - CC!
This was the first time in 12 years of knowing each other that we were ALONE!
We are always surrounded by children, husbands, or extended family, so we thoroughly enjoyed uninterrupted conversation and doing things we wouldn't/couldn't do with children clinging to us.
Our first activity - Color Me Mine! She - is crafty, creative and skilled. I - am not.
But I let her pull me far out of my comfort zone, and we spent two hours painting coffee mugs for each other. She kept assuring me that she would LOVE whatever I made, but we will see if she means it when we get the final product in a few weeks. "A cup only a sister could love." HA!
We followed our creativity session with a delicious lunch and reflexology massages.
(THAT is another story for another time!)

A lot happened in two days!
And I am thankful the Lord allowed me the time and resources to enjoy a weekend with these ladies.
Thank you Sue, Natalie, Amy, Gillian, Kara, Mom Eastman, Denise, Carly, and CC!
I look forward to our next visit. ❤

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