The city folk enjoy some non-city fun!

Today, Josiah, Isaiah, and Ellie and I enjoyed a behind-the-scenes tour of the Industry Hills Charity Pro Rodeo in the City of Industry. It was a fun-filled and educational morning which provided a completely different perspective of daily life than we have in the city!
What made it even better was being in a small homeschool group of 20 (hundreds of children filed off of dozens of school buses) because our kids were able to get up close and personal at each station.
The riders, steer wrestlers, barrel racers and the rest of the rodeo crew were not able to do an actual demonstration of their skills, so we returned home to watch a competition from each genre online to get the full feel of a rodeo. Live action always supersedes video, but those videos certainly capture the beauty and the intensity of what these men and women do inside the gates!

 Josiah was asked to "assist" the blacksmith while he made a horseshoe.
(I put "assist" in quotes because all he did was turn a wheel to keep the fire going, which is clearly not a strenuous task considering his other hand is in his pocket!)

Isaiah volunteered to try roping.
The world champion made it look SO easy, but alas, it takes more than three minutes to become adept.

 A very generous owner allowed hundreds of children to walk in, climb through, and tromp around his cattle trailer. This thing was enormous - and odiferous!
But Ellie and Isaiah don't seem to mind!

Three world champion freestyle bullfighters!
I had NO idea what this was eight hours ago, but now I am a fan!
(CLICK HERE to see what these guys do!)

Shaved Ice for $1? YES, please!

The highlight of my day? Meeting a real, live alpaca!
Every time I looked at him - I laughed. OUT LOUD, real laughter! (look at that hairdo!)
I was hoping to get a photo hugging him, but he was not in the mood for affection.
I settled for a profile shot of the two of us together instead. (I LOVE the diversity of God's creation!)

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