Just what I needed.

This week I had the privilege of attending our homeschool group's Mom's Night. The hours leading up to the event were filled with frustration, disappointment, and a fight with the flesh to let go of anger, so after pulling up to the host house twenty-five minutes early, I kept myself in the car, blared Crowder worship songs, and refused to get out until my heart, mind, and attitude were appropriate to expose to a room full of women. I even sent an SOS text to three people asking them to pray for me. The battle had to be won. And because God is faithful when we call upon Him, He released me from my sinful anger and allowed me to walk into the house with a sincere smile and a happy heart. And I was grateful for this gift because it was a wonderfully encouraging and challenging evening of fellowship.

One of my closest friends was the speaker, and her message was thoughtful, on point, and personal. It would be ridiculous for me to recap her words using my voice because while we are similar in 729 ways <grin>, she has a voice that is unique to her, and I would not do it justice.

I do, however, want to share the three questions she asked us because they are fitting and good. Not just for homeschool moms, but for all moms/women who claim Christ as Savior and Lord.

Her three points:

For each topic, she quoted Scripture, challenged us, shared snippets of her own personal journey, and then asked us to break into groups of two or three to discuss a specific question related to the topic.
1. Whose "Well Done" are you seeking? The world's, your own, or the Lord's?
2. Where (in homeschooling, parenting, marriage, life) do you need to grow in humility?
3. In what areas (homeschooling, parenting, marriage, walk with the Lord) do you need to be more consistent?

Boy, oh BOY, did these questions prove to be a catalyst for fantastic conversations with my sisters as we sat huddled in a circle talking without pause until she called us back to attention! It was a delight! And even better, we ended the event in prayer. 25+ women bowing their heads in prayer in small circles all around the room, talking and surrendering to a very big God who understands our every struggle and cares about our every need.

How thankful I am that the enemy did not win the battle raging in my heart thirty minutes before the meeting, but was defeated by the One who wanted me there. At that meeting. In that house. On that specific night. To hear that message. And to minister to another mom who needed to hear, "I get it." He always knows our needs before we do, and He is so incredibly faithful to meet us where we are - exactly when we need Him most!

And, as I shared with the sweet friend who checked in the next morning after praying for me that night and texting, "GET OUT OF THE CAR and go bless the women inside!" - ministering to another hurting heart ALWAYS beats moping!

Thank You, Lord, for pulling me out of my selfishness and sin so I could focus on the words of encouragement so carefully prepared and shared by my friend. And then, because I was refreshed, I was able to share the hope and joy You poured into me with someone who needed to know she is not alone. Thank You for music that soothes the mind and heart. And thank You for friends who can make us laugh while speaking truth to push us out of our "blech" - and into something beautiful.
You are such an amazingly good God.