A wonderful day!

Last week I had the privilege of touring my college alma mater - The Master’s College!

As I sat on campus waiting to meet my friend, I was thankful that nothing looked the same.
The physical changes of the campus prompted me to ponder the changes within myself that have taken place these past 25 years.

I would not trade one day of my experience at Master’s, for I LOVED it, but I am incredibly grateful that the woman who graduated is not the same woman I see in the mirror each morning!
God used the thousands of hours of lectures, teaching, reading, studying, chapels, Bible studies, and life lessons to grow and mature me in my faith - on campus and decades afterward - and I pray I will continue to be shaped by all that was poured into me those four wonderful years.

The dreaded hill climb and stairs to the dorms!
(Especially in a dress, nylons, and heels as per the dress code of the early 90’s!)

The famous crosswalk that floods with every rain requiring plywood to be used as a bridge.

The HIGHLIGHT of the day! Spending time with this precious sister - Laura. 💗
We did not attend TMC together, but we are forever connected because of who we knew at Master’s - her husband! He introduced us when they started dating, and the rest was history!
Our time together was beyond encouraging, and I left her with a smile on my face and a bounce in my step.

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