A blast from the Medieval Past!

We are studying the middle ages in history this year, so I was thrilled to find that the Brass Rubbing and Medieval Arts Center was still in existence! Micah, Luke, and Caleb enjoyed this same field trip about eight years ago and loved it, and showed their enthusiasm again when Josiah, Isaiah, and Ellie told them they were going on the same field trip today. And like before, it was a hit!

A life-size brass rubbing. SO cool!

They had a replica of chain mail and allowed the kids to touch it and try it on if they wanted to do so.
And mine did - of course! That thing was HEAVY!

If you are studying the middle ages or just find the time period interesting, I highly recommend this outing! It is run every fall in October and November. And - only $8 per participant!
The history of brass rubbings is pretty interesting so if you feel led, look it up and enjoy learning!

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