A beautiful day AT SEA!

We had the privilege of enjoying an afternoon of sunshine and sailing due to the thoughtfulness and generosity of our friends, the Falcsuans. It was the perfect way to spend a Sunday!

All three littles took a turn at the wheel, but Ellie spent the most time as co-captain to Costel,
and loved every minute of it! 

Friends since elementary school/7th grade ... and hopefully forEVER!

The Great Pacific Airshow was taking place while we sailed on the open sea. A spectacular sight!
The adventure of the day increased tenfold when we found ourselves suddenly surrounded by dozens of boats as they came racing back from the airshow. It was if someone called out, "Every boat back to the harbor - NOW!" and each one took off to see who would arrive first.
The waves rolled from the wakes, we gripped the rails to stay inside the boat, and laughed and talked and held our breath when accidents appeared imminent. (there were several close calls)

Thank you, Costel, Maria, Brian, and Bradley, for a SUPERB day of friendship, fun, and adventure!

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