47 years of BLESSINGS!

On this, my 47th birthday, I am thankful for ...

❤ salvation
❤ a faithful, loving, protective, supportive husband
❤ Micah
❤ Luke
❤ Caleb
❤ Josiah
❤ Isaiah
❤ Ellie
❤ Matthew
❤ grandparents, parents, siblings, parents/siblings-in-law
❤ faithful friends
❤ discipleship and godly older women who willingly and graciously pour into me
❤ Scripture
❤ faithful men who study and preach the Word of God with passion and without fear
❤ the body of Christ
❤ encouragement
❤ compassion
❤ conviction
❤ old hymns
❤ hand-written notes
❤ worship music
❤ the color pink
❤ pretty stationery
❤ rain, wind, and clouds of all kinds
❤ excellent literature
❤ biographies of godly men and women who fully and faithfully surrendered everything for Christ
❤ giraffes
❤ my COMMITTED girls, past and present
❤ forgiveness - from God and others
❤ acceptance
❤ grace
❤ second chances
❤ laughter
❤ the ability, time, desire, and resources to serve others
❤ (good) milk chocolate
❤ Biblical quotes/books/sermons that challenge and push me to love, understand, and know God more
❤ people who trust me with their personal struggles and sorrows and allow me to share their pain
❤ the thrill of rejoicing with others when they are rejoicing
❤ mint-chip ice cream
❤ new pajamas
❤ memories of the past, the precious and the painful, because my past is part of who I am
❤ thoughtfulness in others
❤ the ability to move, see, hear, and speak
❤ restoration and healing
❤ deep, sound sleep
❤ sweet times of refreshment and relaxation with family and/or friends

Thank You, Lord, for the beauty and gift of LIFE! Thank You that I was fearfully and wonderfully made by Your own hands - with purpose - and no matter how I stumble or fall, Your purpose for my life will be accomplished. I ask for a year of great growth and maturity in You, Lord, knowing that what is required for both is not easy or always pleasant ... but necessary and good. You have gifted me with 47 years, and I pray You will grant me 47 more.

Let me live that I may praise You, and may Your laws sustain me. Psalm 119:175

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