This and that.

We enjoyed a terrific summer as a family!
Mission trips.
Beach days.
Family nights.
Dennis and Micah traveling overseas.
Museums, park days, skating.
Movies and games.
It was a great summer!
And we are thankful for the fun, relaxation, and time together as a family, especially as we are about to dive into a full year of homeschooling, athletics, ministry events, and everything else that takes place in family life - including the unexpected.
We have no idea what the Lord has in store for the 2018-2019 school year, but HE KNOWS, and He has already gone before us, so we will walk by faith and trust Him with the details.

Speaking of the unexpected ...
Please pray for Dennis' mom, Ginny.
She was recently diagnosed with a rare form of
Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and started treatment last week.
We are beyond thankful that Dennis returned home from his overseas travel in time to drive up north to spend this past weekend with her.
Her first round of treatment was mild, so she was feeling good and in great spirits during their days together.
They enjoyed a lovely afternoon with D's sister, Denise, and her family, lounging in the backyard, eating, talking, and laughing, and then spent time together over breakfast the following morning before Dennis headed home.
How grateful we are that Mom felt good for this visit!
None of us know what to expect in the weeks and months ahead, so we will rejoice in the GOOD days and praise God for His presence and His peace in the not-so-good days. ❤ We love you, Mom! ❤

Does anyone remember PEN PALS?
A sweet sister in Christ and one of our faithful letter writers for our miscarriage ministry asked if Ellie would be interested in becoming a Pen Pal with her daughter. They are the same age, so it seemed a perfect fit.
I didn't even ask Ellie if she would be interested because I already knew she would LOVE it!
And I was correct in my assumption.
The day that letter came in the mail Ellie was beside herself with excitement!
These girls have never met, but they are already bonding through the written word. And it is a beautiful thing.
In this day of social media, when birthday greetings are sent in a text and party invitations come through virtual mail, receiving a hand-written note in the mailbox is a DELIGHT!
Who else wants to join the Pen Pal fun?!?
Let the joy of writing and receiving hand-written letters COMMENCE!

How many of you are kindred bibliophiles?
How many of you have ridiculously long Amazon Wishlists - filled with books, books, BOOKS?
How many of you actually finish one book before starting another? <grin>
I currently have a dozen biographies patiently sitting in my Wishlist - just WAITING to be purchased and read with fervor!
And along with the books is an actual (and adorable) Phone Book - because - OLD SCHOOL is a beautiful thing!
#toomanybooks #toomanyGOODbooks #needanotherlifetimetoreadthemall

Only SEVEN days until The Eastman Academy opens its doors for the 2081-2019 school year!
We used to start in late August when Dennis began his new school year because once he was back in the classroom, our summer was officially over.
But Biola has changed their academic calendar, which means the Eastman Academy changes its calendar too!
I am excited about the year ahead!
Our course of study (Josiah, Isaiah, Ellie):
- history, the middle ages
- science, zoology (flying creatures)
- grammar/reading
- spelling
- math
- Bible (memorizing Proverbs 2 & 3)
- P. E.
Luke and Caleb will do most of their courses through BYA, but will still be home three days a week so we can enjoy them!
Our 14th year! Let the Educational Games BEGIN!

Ellie was the ecstatic recipient of this electric moped when one of her sweet friends moved out of state and had to leave it behind.
Not one day goes by without it being hauled out of the garage and thoroughly enjoyed in our backyard, or up and down the neighborhood sidewalks.
At first, everyone rode it independently.
Then, all of a sudden, Ellie and Isaiah became tandem riders - laughing and hooting and cheering the entire time they are circling the yard.
They take turns driving and have a grand time together.
(Josiah rides it too, but his legs are so ridiculously long he can barely stay on the bike! <smile>)
We call it the Bonding Bike!

➤ Here's to a new week!
May we intentionally look for ways to ENCOURAGE, SUPPORT, and SERVE others as we go about our daily business, careful not to waste the time we have been given, but to use our time for the glory of God and the good of others.
Happy Monday, everyone!

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