Fun - Friendship - and $5 bills!

There are MANY details behind the story of these $5 bills, but I want to share a few because they make me smile! 
💵 When we shared our desire to do emergency foster care for babies, our dear friends, the Guskes, announced they would save $5 bills for our adoption/foster care jar. I was blessed, but not at all surprised, by her generosity because the Guskes are GIVERS. In all areas of life and love.
💵 Somehow, it was not Julie, but her husband P.J. who ended up being the one to use cash most and would receive change - in $5's!
It got to the point where no matter what he purchased, he ALWAYS received $5 bills! (He once bought a $1 bottle of water with a $20 bill, expecting to get a $10, a $5 and four $1's in return - but instead - was handed THREE $5 bills! At which time he texted Julie and said, "Tell Michelle the Lord REALLY wants me to support her foster care ministry!")
It's happened so often that when they were recently on a trip and Julie declared, "I am dying of thirst! I am going to buy a water bottle,” P.J. immediately called out, "DON'T use a $20 bill!!!!!!" 😂🤣😅
💵 The $5 Foster Fund has become a running joke in the Guske home, and I love hearing all of their stories!
My favorite thing, however, is that they use it to start a conversation about foster care/adoption with the person who hands them their change. {BRILLIANT!}
After sharing the $5 tale with a clerk at their hotel, she handed P.J. his change, and there were three $5 bills in the stack. He looked directly at her and asked, "You did that on purpose, didn't you?!?" She simply smiled. And Julie laughed. 😂💙
How glad I am that God made His creation to serve and love - with humor!

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