Rolling FUN!

Today was so much FUN!
Josiah, Isaiah, Ellie and I went ROLLER SKATING!
Yes, you read that right. I laced up a pair of size 11 skates on my own feet! Since our health insurance does not provide nannies, cooks, or maids, I have refrained from activities that could land me in a cast for the past eighteen years. But now? All six kids are old enough to fend for themselves if necessary, so there was no reason not to skate! (I was smart enough to wait until the day before Dennis got home just in case a cast was in my future!)
Josiah, Isaiah, and Ellie rolled right onto the floor of the rink and their wheels never stopped turning.
Me? It took twenty laps to loosen my feet - and - my grip on the handrail, but after that, I was skating footloose and fancy-free. I didn't even fall!
It was fantastic!
As I took my final laps around the rink I thought,
"I should take lessons to learn the tricks and gain speed and then throw an adult Skate Party for my 50th birthday and surprise my family and friends with superb skating skills!" And then I laughed and laughed.
The four of us skated together for two straight hours, and enjoyed every minute of it!

Josiah took this photo so I would have proof for Dennis and the teens that I actually skated!

I think the invisible fine print on this sign reads, "If you break a limb because you have no idea what you are doing but think you're cool - sorry for you! We won't pay any of your medical bills!"

Not only did we clock 5,000 steps and over two miles during our skate, we must have burned off at least five pounds! (Apparently, the discounted price for "open skate" is balanced by the lack of air conditioner use in the rink.) We were bright red and glistening with sweat at the end of the session.
But look at those smiles! Worth every roll of the skates!

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