Dennis and Micah say goodbye to Jordan.

Their trip has come to a close, and they went out with a bang! The leadership team of Academy
Alliance Jordan surprised the conference speakers when they arrived at a gorgeous hotel near the Dead Sea and said, "This is where you are staying for the night!" They were stunned.
Dennis, Micah, and two other speakers spent the night and then enjoyed a tremendous day of swimming in the many pools, sight-seeing, and floating in the Dead Sea. And the sunset! Oh my!
After a long week of presentations and training, it was the perfect way to end the week - and their visit. A good-bye meal concluded their day and then it was off to the airport to begin the journey home. (and to Cambodia for Dennis)
Dennis and Micah both agreed that it was a phenomenal trip. Not only did they experience warmth, kindness, and generosity from the AAJ leadership and staff, making new friends and mutually encouraging one another, they did it TOGETHER. And they will never forget it.

The view of the courtyard from their room.

Sunset. Like liquid gold.

The Dead Sea!

Floating in the Dead Sea - and loving every minute of it!

Mt. Nebo - the place where Moses was granted a view of the Promised Land.
Such history in this country! Rich, wonderful, biblical history!

Micah returns tomorrow afternoon (YAY!) and Dennis continues on to Cambodia for another week of training teachers. Pray for him if you will! For energy, good sleep, physical strength, health, and a clear mind to train the teachers and administrators in Cambodia. He travels there every year - and always looks forward to his time in the country and with the people.
And we are thankful the Lord is using him to serve and encourage educators in their field.
Dennis loves what he does. His passion is teaching and he loves sharing that passion!

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