Dennis and Micah explore Jordan! (Pt. II)

Here they are - overlooking the land that was promised to Moses by God! The PROMISED land!

"A piece of a Roman column that would make a perfect end table!"
(If Dennis could fill his office and our house with ancient artifacts - he would!)

Tapestries in the Church on Mt. Nebo that are some of the best mosaics in Jordan, dating from around 530 A.D. This masterpiece is a hunting and herding scene.

The site where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist.
(the water is in front of them)

Micah at the Jordan River.
(People were being baptized on the steps behind them.)

And now - the week of teacher training and the conference has begun!
All the months of preparation and prayer have brought them to this place - and they are eager and ready to go! Dennis sent me a text this morning asking me to pray for the hearts of the people to be open, but the truth is, the Lord has already gone before them and prepared the way! As He always does.
The Alliance Academy Jordan team, Dennis, Dr. Costa, and all of those involved in the conference have worked hard to prepare, and they have bathed every detail in prayer. It will be thrilling to discover how the Lord uses these next few days to educate and encourage those in positions to create lasting and life-altering change in education for students with learning needs and special needs.
 Ignorance is bliss, but once we are aware - we are accountable.
Praise God for bringing these educators and leaders together "for such a time as this."
It is an EXCITING time!

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