Dennis and Micah explore the beauty and history of Jordan!

From Dennis:
We are in Amman, Jordan in all of the photos.
It is one of the oldest capital cities in the world dating back to 13th century BC!
We are in the Amman Citadel, a Roman stronghold that housed temples, stables, an aqueduct, and more.
We ran around some ruins in the old city of Jordan this morning. We took photos at the temple of Hercules, a Byzantine church, a cave that was made into a house 2000 years before Christ was born, and climb the steps of an amazing outdoor amphitheater that was made in the first century.
It was amazing and wonderful, and Micah and I both had a great time!

It just wouldn't be a true Eastman photo shoot with poses!
And these two? Two identical peas in a pod.

"Won’t fit in our carry-on or checked bag!"
Dennis finds great pleasure in collecting dirt and rocks from around the world. It makes him feel like he "owns the world!" I, on the other hand, just see dirt.
Sometimes, his zeal is harmless, while other times he has come close to creating an international incident.
(Ask him about The Great Wall of China story!)
So, of course, he thought it would be funny to send me this photo. <insert eyeroll>

Theater circa 161A.D.

A cave made into a house during the Bronze Age 2250B.C.

Dennis also favors national pride. He loved this Jordan flagpole which measures 200x100 feet, stands 415 feet high, and can be seen for 12 miles.

Their hosts have welcomed them in and treated them like royalty!
They get to explore more today, and attend church and spend time with Jordanian believers tomorrow. What a privilege to worship with brothers and sisters in another country, and mutually encourage one another in the faith.
For, though the global church looks, speaks, eats, and lives differently - we are ONE in Christ!
Praise God for such diversity and beauty in His church!