An ANCIENT Outing!

We finally made it!
The Getty Villa!
This field trip officially closed off our study of the ancients - and it was worth every single second of the two-hour drive through traffic to get there!
If you love ancient history and antiquities, put this beautiful museum on your Must See list!
And if you don't find antiquities thrilling, visit anyway! The architecture and gardens alone will make you grateful you took the time to explore such an aesthetically pleasing place.
We thoroughly enjoyed our time here and were blessed with perfect weather to make it even better!
What better way to spend a summer day than touring a replica of ancient beauty and feeling the cool breeze blowing in from the ocean in Malibu!
Josiah, Isaiah, and Ellie could not stop talking about everything they saw as we drove home, and Ellie declared, "I am SO taking my kids there when I am a mom!" Yes! A successful adventure!

This audio tour - FANTASTIC!
The museum created a tour based on the Percy Jackson series (mythology) and the end result was finding your ancient "godparent" based on your personality and which ancient characters you were most drawn to. Quite clever and humorous.
Josiah was a descendant of Bacchus/Dionysius.
Ellie belonged to the lineage of Athena/Minerva.
Isaiah came directly from the top of the mythological food chain, Jupiter/Zeus.
And I was the goddaughter of Apollo.
Josiah, Isaiah, and Ellie were fully engaged with this tour and had a blast!

I'll let you guess who is who!

They were awed by the reflecting pool.

This grape arbor had dozens of bunches of green and purple grapes growing on it.
I could have spent an entire afternoon sitting underneath it reading a book!

We were all enthralled with the gorgeous lily pads.
I have never seen such gorgeous (or large) flowers budding from lily pads before!

Even the parking structure has art!

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