Who I am in Christ far surpasses who others think I am.

Within the last twenty-four hours, I have been challenged twice to remember and ponder the beautiful truths of WHO I AM IN CHRIST. 

The first challenege happened during a serious conversation with a godly woman when the Lord reminded me of the decades I spent viewing and valuing myself through the eyes of others rather than through HIS eyes. I spent countless years evaluating myself based on the opinions of what other people thought of me, and always, I was found wanting. Rejected. And never "enough." How thankful I was when the Lord held up a truth-shaped mirror to my face to reveal that while the world may find me wanting, He does not! For I am covered in the precious blood of His Son, adopted into His royal line, secure and complete in Him, and never to be taken out of His hands.

The second challenge came after receiving texts from two different friends containing these words:
-I prayed for YOU this morning, Michelle. You are loved, covered & seen. πŸŒΌπŸ’›
-True things should be said. ❤️ I think we forget sometimes how the Lord has gifted us.

I had no idea how much I needed to look deeply into that truth-shaped mirror again, but my Father did! He knew last night when I was faced with some difficult realities and old wounds that have not completely healed while pouring my heart out to a friend, and He knew today when He saw my thoughts going back to places they ought not linger. And in so doing, He saved me from - myself.

I have often joked that I would like to have these truths - WHO I AM IN CHRIST - tattooed inside my eyelids. But now, I joke no more. Truth, the truth of Scripture, the truth of how God sees me, is the only thing that keeps me grounded when emotion battles for control, and the only thing that forces my thoughts to focus on Him instead of myself and what I want or think I deserve. And the best part is - I don't need a painful tattoo! All I have to do is open the most beautiful piece of literature in the world and read it for myself. Day after day, year after year, until I not only memorize it - but BELIEVE it.

· possession   Genesis 17:8/ 1 Cor 6:20
· child   John 1:12
· workmanship   Ephesians 2:10
· friend   James 2:23
· co-laborer   1 Timothy 5:18
· witness   Acts 1:8
· soldier   II Timothy 2:3
· chosen   Ephesians 1:4
· beloved   Romans 1:7/ II Thessalonians 2:13
· precious jewel   Malachi 3:17

· redeemed by the blood   Rev 5:9
· set free from sin /condemnation   Romans 8:1-2
· chosen before the foundation of world   Ephesians 1:4
· washed in the blood of the Lamb   Rev 1:5
· given a sound mind   2 Timothy 1:7
· given the Holy Spirit   2 Cor 1:22
· adopted into God’s family   Romans 8:15
· given great and precious promises   2 Peter 1:4
· given access to God   Ephesians 3:12

· complete in Him   Colossians 2:10
· free forever from sin’s power   Romans 6:14
· loved eternally   1 Peter 1:5
· eternally kept in the palm of His hand   John 10:29
· kept from falling   Jude 1:24
· one with the Lord   1 Cor 6:17
· seated in heavenly places   Ephesians 1:3
· light in the darkness   Matthew 5:14
· His sheep   Psalm 23 / Psalms 100:3/ John 10:14
· a citizen of heaven   1 Peter 2:11
· hidden with Christ in God   Psalms 32:7
· protected from the evil one   1 John 5:18
· secure in Christ   John 10:28-29
· covered by the blood of Jesus   Rev 12:11, 1 Pet 1:19
· sheltered under His wing   Psalms 91:4

· access to the Father   Romans 5:2
· a home in heaven waiting for me   John 14:1-2
· a living hope   1 Peter 1:3
· an anchor to my soul   Hebrews 6:19
· a hope that is sure and steadfast   Hebrews 6:19
· the mind of Christ   1 Cor 2:16
· peace with God   Romans 5:1

· do all things through Christ   Phil 4:13
· find mercy and grace to help   Hebrews 4:16
· come boldly to the throne of grace   Heb 4:16
· pray always and everywhere   Luke 21:36
· defeat (overcome) the enemy   Rev 12:11

· be separated from God’s love   Romans 8:35-39
· be moved   Psalms 16:8
· be taken out of my Father’s hand   John 10:29
· be condemned   1 Cor 11:32

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