This and that.

"Mom. Can we PLEASE start school again?!?"
"Why, YES! Yes, we can!"
People have long thought me crazy/uptight/rigid/strict for not taking the entire summer off from school, but the truth is - we can't.
From the time Micah and Luke were small, we realized that our children cannot handle week upon week without structure and routine.
A week of VBS here, a few beach days there, and a handful of swim dates and park days is fine, but they need and crave - order.
This summer has not been as well-planned as summers past, but they got back on my game and we are ready to roll!
Daily Bible/biography reading, out-loud reading, math games, audio listening, and spelling are now etched into three days of our weekly schedule - and we are all better because of it!
And I will admit, there is something sweet about starting because they asked, not because it was mandated.

~~~ Tomorrow is our 25th Wedding Anniversary!
25 y e a r s.
It sounds like such a long time, yet feels like we barely said, "I do!"
Dennis took the day off work so we can go play. Woohoo! We are kicking it off with early morning donuts and a beach stroll with all the kids. And then, a nice dinner out - alone - and two hours on a Duffy Boat enjoying the beauty of nature, the quiet of the harbor, and conversation and laughter.
It will be a terrific day!

The day we committed to saving every spare dollar to pay off bills so we can qualify for foster care, we looked at each other and said, "Buckle Up! It's going to be a bumpy ride!"
We knew there would be attacks from within and without. And we were not wrong. Within two weeks we had a car battery die, needing to be replaced, a shower back up, requiring a plumber, and a screen door rip.
I looked at our savings jar in discouragement and thought, "Oh, Lord. Will it EVER be filled?"
Dennis and I were both disheartened, but finally looked at each other and said, "We knew it was coming! Let's just shake it OFF!" So, we did. No more mourning. Just faith.
And then, two days later, we received this card in the mail, in which was enclosed a check for "the orphan fund." Our first George Mueller moment.
And it was WONDERFUL.
...for your Father knows what you need before you ask him. Matthew 6:8

In three weeks, Dennis and Micah fly to Jordan - to give a voice to students with learning and special needs - together!
We are thrilled for this incredible opportunity Dennis has, along with renowned colleagues, to bring awareness to the leaders and educators of Jordan about how to serve and support students with learning and special needs in the classroom.
A leader from Jordan attended one of Dennis' workshops in Lebanon and graciously chose to invite him to be a part of their own personal push for change in the education system in Jordan.
When invited, he asked if he could bring Micah with him to give a voice to the students - from a student - and they enthusiastically said, "Yes!"
They have been talking and planning and preparing for weeks and I cannot WAIT to see how the Lord uses them!
Not only will Dennis and Micah be able to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, they will be able to encourage and support those who serve students and their parents every single day. Faithfully. And with joy.
Thank You, Lord, for an opportunity such as this!

~~~ It is MONDAY! An entire week lies ahead filled with plans we must hold loosely and unknowns we must embrace with acceptance and grace.
May we wake up each morning with praise on our lips! "This IS the day the Lord has made! We WILL rejoice and be GLAD in it!"

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