25 Years - TOGETHER!

❤ 25 years - TOGETHER. ❤

There have been amazing years and incredibly difficult years, but regardless of "better or worse," the Lord has faithfully pushed us toward each other, even when we wanted to move far away from one another. It is only because of Him that we can look at each other today - twenty-five years after committing to love, honor, and cherish one another until death parts us - and say, "I would do it all again!" And for this truth I am thankful.

Last night we challenged ourselves to come up with 25 things we have learned during our marriage. The first dozen lessons were easy, and then we had to give it serious thought. Who were we 25 years ago? Who are we now? What has changed? Why has it changed? It was interesting to look at our past, and it was wonderful to praise God that we are not the same people who said, "I do!" two decades ago. We cannot go back, but the Lord has faithfully restored the years the locusts devoured. And friends, there were too many wasted years.
But - HALLELUJIA! - we serve a God who wastes nothing and can turn the ugliest pile of ashes into a thing of beauty because He is in the business of forgiving, restoring, and giving second, third, and 374th chances.
How GOOD is our God!

We know we are just one couple. We are not like anyone else and no one is like us. But we hope that the lessons the Lord has taught us over the years will be an encouragement to others, whether they are decades into their own marriage, or were engaged last week.
Marriage is hard work. A daily choice. A life of selflessness and sacrifice.
And it is worth it!
Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other. Romans 12:10

Thank you, Dennis, for 25 years of faithfulness, kindness, forgiveness, grace, protection, and love.
I love you, ♥ Michelle


What we have learned after 25 years of living life together:

➺ seek to understand
➺ give the benefit of the doubt
➺ assume the best
➺ you cannot die on every hill so choose your battles well
➺ take out the trash without being asked - small acts of kindness go a long way
➺ be a student of one other
➺ understand how to - and then make intentional use of - good timing
➺ learn how to disagree and argue with respect and grace
➺ forgive quickly and often
➺ trust and seek each other's discretion and insight
➺ learn how to smooth the rough edges on each other, and be grateful for the change the sanding produces!
➺ accept that you will show and receive love and affection differently, and it's okay
➺ be content
➺ appreciate and respect the differences in your personalities, perspectives, interests, and convictions, for different does not equal wrong - and your differences will help strengthen one another
➺ pray for each other and with each other
➺ support each other's passions and convictions
➺ encourage one another in everything, especially the things of the Lord
➺ purposely seek to mature and grow in your weaknesses
➺ learn to recognize when your spouse needs to recharge/refresh and provide opportunities to make it happen
➺ learn how to give and recieve correction/rebuke lovingly and with grace
➺ talk to each other, a lot, about everything, even when uncomfortable
➺ speak truth to each other, and express your needs, for neither of you can read minds!
➺ serve together!
➺ be the first to apologize, humility is a game changer
➺ laugh together, often