We love this man!

What we love, respect, and appreciate about our Dad.

Compiled by:
Micah, Luke, Caleb, Josiah, Isaiah, and Ellie ❤

His commitment.
His wisdom.
His integrity and grit, waking up every morning to work hard to
support a family of eight in a place that is quite expensive to live in. 
His inexhaustible humour.
His ability to lead.
His unrelenting love for me and my siblings.
His love for mom and his commitment to take care of her.
His discipline over his body, physically and spiritually.
He is funny.
He loves the Lord.
He has the talent to make people laugh.
He is understanding.
He is a great teacher.
He is a friend as well as a dad.
He will always look after the people he loves.
Persistent in growth. 
Doesn't give up easily. 
Is willing to do the hard thing for the greater good of the family, work, and others. 
Leads our family physically and spiritually. 
Puts family first. 
Is the protector of our home. 
Is easy to like and be around.
He hugs us.
He plays with us.
He teaches us how to play every sport.
He is funny and makes us laugh.
He goes to work so we can have food, a house, and a bed.
He loves us.

Happy Father's Day, Dennis!
You are loved and adored by your children ... because you love and adore them.

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