Thankful He is OURS!

This man.

Most people see the lighter, fun side of Dennis.
The surfer.
The comedian.
The man who uses broken tree trunks as weights when camping.
The rock music aficionado.
The "Superfan" of football and all things sports.
The storyteller.

But there is another side ... the man that was captured in this photo.
Focused, intense, thoughtful, purposeful, and driven.

The man who worked three jobs for eighteen years to keep me home with our children.
The man who fought against his ADHD and dyslexia to secure a Ph.D.,
taking one class at a time for seven years so he could live out his dream of training teachers.
The man who spends hours preparing lessons/presentations regardless of who or what he is teaching.
The man who specifically prayed for the Lord to remove him from the "comfortable" and place him where he could grow and better understand the needs of others - and became the Principal of an inner-city school where the Lord changed the direction of his heart and his life.
The man who knows he does not know enough, so he seeks wisdom and counsel from godly men who will speak the truth, even when the truth is hard to hear - and hard to do.
The man who became a student of our children, learning how/when to approach them, and intentionally invests in them, prays for them, writes to them, and engages with them.
A man whom they will one day not only call Father - but Friend.
The man who willingly pours into young men who seek him out, with humility and grace.
The man who speaks up for those who cannot speak for themselves, using his energy, his time, his studies, and his position to advocate on their behalf.
Out of obedience - with JOY - because he knows this is his calling.
The man who has protected, defended, encouraged, supported, loved, and challenged me for 24 years of marriage, never once holding me back from my calling and passion to minister to the brokenhearted. He has hugged, prayed with, delivered flowers to, and listened to the countless women (and couples) the Lord has filtered through our home, and they know his kindness and concern are genuine.
A man whose life mantras are:
Begin with the end in mind.
Win the moment.
Be a trier, not a crier.
Act like what you do matters - because it does.

This is the man I live with.
This is the man Micah, Luke, Caleb, Josiah, Isaiah, and Ellie call "Dad."
And it is for this man we praise God that He chose Dennis - for us.

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