This and that.

Images like this will be forever emblazoned in my mind's eye - and in my heart.
As a mother of children who had to fight so•very•hard to learn how to read, moments like this cause my heart to swell.
Last year was •the• most difficult year of our homeschooling journey, but the Lord graciously redeemed it and allowed me to see tangible growth in their strengths and abilities this year.
How thankful I am that He forced me to stop and remember where Josiah and Isaiah and Ellie were ten months ago so I could rejoice in the change and praise God for His faithfulness. For without Him, we would never have made it this far. Their minds "could not" and I "did not." I did not know how to serve them, teach them, help them, or encourage them. But the Lord DID. And as always, He equipped the called. And we moved forward. ♥

Camp Eastman - Round 1 was a SUCCESS!
Three hours of nonstop movement, playing, games, rough-housing, smiles, and laughter. Just as it should be!
We are blessed to live near a university which opens it's campus to the surrounding residents, so we take advantage of that blessing without shame!
A one-mile walk to the field, an hour of soccer and frisbee and races on the field, and a mile walk home is part of the Camp agenda.
We have three more scheduled this summer, and we are confident that each night will be as good, if not better, than the first!

~~~ We are considering how to perhaps make Camp Eastman a regular thing, but with a different purpose!
Our passion and desire for Foster Care is ever-increasing. (Especially after I spent three hours holding a foster baby at our Orphan Care night last week. <grin>) Though our family is in agreement, and we are ready for the babies to roll through our home, we have to "Prepare your work outside; get everything ready for yourself in the field, and after that build your house." Proverbs 24:27
We were not prepared for the Lord to drive our hearts toward foster care, so we must eliminate financial obligations in order to qualify as a foster family.
Dennis and I are on a mission to pay off a car, a student loan, and braces so we can move forward in the process. On paper, it will take far too long, but the Lord is not bound by our human limits, so we will pray and search for creative ways to bring in extra income while we wait on Him.
Besides, we can hold, feed, change, and love babies at the age of 50+ as easily as we can now, Amen?

Speaking of ... we have just crossed the Two Year mark of caring for our G3!
Last week Julie told me how excited the kids are to come to our house, and I laughed and said, "That feeling may die soon!" To which she replied, "I highly doubt THAT!"
These three children are the ones the Lord used to make Orphan Care switch from theory to reality for every member of our family.
As a dear friend said, "EVERYONE should be friends with someone who does foster care!"
And she is right. It changes you.
Statistics become faces.
Stories become KIDS.
It is easy to turn deaf ears and blind eyes to news reports and fundraising speeches, but it is impossible to look into the face of a living, breathing child who needs a home and a family and say, "I don't care."
How thankful we are to the Guskes for letting us learn from them and through them and with them!

Our school year is not yet complete, but we did finish our science curriculum this week!
<insert shouts of joy and wild applause>
Studying astronomy is an excellent way to invest in the science world, and, a fantastic way to force your eyes to the heavens to recognize and praise God for His wonderful works!
We had the privilege of looking to the skies with Caleb (his level of study was higher than Josiah, Isaiah, and Ellie) and he definitely made the lessons more interesting!
We will cap off our astronomy study with a private tour of JPL (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory) in June and a visit to the Griffith Observatory this summer. A terrific ending to a terrific study!

My current reading curriculum.
Each book has a specific purpose and each one offers a unique spiritual challenge as well as a personal one.
It is not my pattern to read multiple books at once, for I prefer to give full attention to every word between the covers of one literary wonder, but for some reason, all four of them are demanding my attention.
And so - I read!
Honestly, I cannot imagine a life without books!
And life without Scripture? Impossible.
Praise the Lord for the beauty of both!

~~~ Happy Weekend to you!
As always, may your time be spent seeking refreshment to prepare you for the week ahead while seeking to serve and glorify the Lord in your rest.
And - here is a quote to think about while you do!
"Go to church once a week and nobody pays attention.
Worship God seven days a week and you become strange!" - A. W. Tozer

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