Another goodbye.

A sweet goodbye was shared with this sister and friend Sunday morning
before she starts a new life with her family in North Carolina. 
We don’t remember how we met, but we remember when we became FRIENDS.
A few years ago, in the middle of a park at a child’s birthday party, I asked her, 
“Who is pouring into you? Encouraging you? Challenging you to walk closer to Christ?”
An hour later she came back and said, “Can we do that TOGETHER?”
And we have been studying God’s Word, praying for each other, and encouraging one another ever since.
It is SUCH a privilege and a joy to be invited to walk beside other believers as they pursue Christ. And I am incredibly grateful that this sister has allowed me to do just that.
Thank you, Kristie, for opening your life and your heart to me, and for purposely seeking to invest in mine.
❤ I love you, friend, ❤
and I look forward to decades more of mutually encouraging one another in the faith.

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