Camp Eastman is BACK! With a purpose.

We are excited to announce Camp Eastman 2018!

Micah, Luke, and Caleb have chosen to serve on mission teams this summer.
Micah and Luke will be going to Tepic, Mexico to run VBS for children, participate in evangelical skits in the city squares, compete in soccer games with local teens and young adults, presenting the Gospel after each game, and engaging in one-on-one evangelism.
Caleb will be part of our local mission team, serving in Los Angeles in a myriad of ways.

Of course, serving on a mission trip means they need to raise monetary support to GO. (The boys still need to raise approximately $1,000, combined.) And since we Eastmans do not possess skills that can be turned into tangible items to sell, we have to use what we do have - bodies that can work, hands that can serve, and hearts that like children.
Hence, Camp Eastman 2018!
Three hours of nonstop fun for children while their parents enjoy an evening out - alone or with friends.
A win-win for everyone!

Camp Counselors - Caleb, Micah, Luke
These counselors are in charge of children (ages 5-12) and answer to the director, Dr. E.
Their strengths: Relay races, games, sporting events, piggyback rides, and FUN!
Warning! They will absolutely exhaust your children with their activities. 

Camp Counselors in Training - Ellie, Isaiah, Josiah
These Counselors are in charge of babies and toddlers (1:1 ratio) 
and are supervised by the Camp Coordinator - Mrs. E.
Their strengths: Holding, feeding, playing, stroller-pushing, singing, dancing and being silly
Warning! Your baby/toddler may be returned to you spoiled!

➙The Details 

Friday, May 11, 5-8 pm
Friday, June 8, 5-8 pm
Saturday, June 16, 5-8 pm
Saturday, July 14, 5-8 pm
Drop Off: 4:45pm

20 Spaces Available for each camp
(5 spaces reserved for babies/toddlers aged 2 and under)
First Come - First Served!

B.Y.O.D. (Bring your own dinner)
We provide water bottles and dessert.

Whatever you think three hours of freedom is worth!
All monies go directly to the missions fund.

Odds and Ends 
- Have your children wear tennis shoes! 
They will be walking, running, and moving the entire night.
- Bring sweater/sweatshirt in case it gets cool.
They will be outside the entire time.
- Bring strollers for the babies/toddlers so we can take them for a walk!

We hope you are able to join us for Camp Eastman 2018 to support our son's efforts to earn money to serve on missions teams this summer! And we thank you, in advance, for trusting us with your precious children.

Let the FUN and GAMES Begin!

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