Wedding FUN with FRIENDS!

Another Haugland wedding in the books! And, as always, it was a BLAST!
This family knows how to have a good time - and they invite everyone to join in!

My sweet friend Jill.
She is one of the most encouraging, faithful, joyful, compassionate, God-fearing women I know.
And she calls me friend! 

These two.
You cannot be with them for more than two minutes without laughing.
When the Photo Booth opened I simply said, "Let's take a picture!"
Before I knew it I was covered with Haugland sisters - legs and all!

And then it was Marisol's turn!
She is a sister-in-law, and just as crazy as the others!
(I love that they let me pretend I am a Haugland. ♥)

Prom Pose!
Mike and Tiffany are the parents of the groom.
Mike was a sophomore in high school when Dennis was a youth counselor.
By the time Mike graduated, they were FRIENDS. And have been so ever since.
We have a long history with Mike and Tiffany, and for this we are thankful!

You wouldn't guess it to look at them, but these two can bust some moves on the dance floor! 
They are hard enough to control when they are just talking to each other, so letting them loose on a dance floor is always a risk. But - they put smiles on everyone's faces and make us all laugh!
Tonight Dennis chose to do "The Elaine." HiLARious!

The hosts of the reception had the brilliant idea to provide throws and ponchos for the guests as it was a cold, damp night after a week of rain. Dennis and I were laughing at everyone donning the woven cloth, complete with images of running wild horses and soaring eagles. And yet, "when in Rome ..."
So, at the end of the night we pulled them over our heads and posed for the camera.
Everyone should own a poncho! Those things are like a nice warm HUG!

And last, but certainly not least - the Bride & Groom!
❤May you enjoy decades of "outdoing one another in love," Michael and Delaney!❤

Thank you for inviting us to your son's wedding, Mike and Tiffany.
It was a wonderful night and we were blessed to share in your joy! 

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