Vacation Day 9 - Indiana - Birthday Party and Conversations!

Today I had the privilege of being a part of William's 1st Birthday!
We celebrated with the UP theme - William wearing suspenders like the old man, a sky backdrop for photos, a wooden house tied to balloons for table decor, and colorful paper goods and cupcakes.
The little man made a great impression on the guests and everyone enjoyed him!

I was the photographer's assistant, which basically meant screaming, hollering and making ridiculous noises to get William's attention so he would smile in all of the photos. And it worked! Good times!

 Partying is hard work for a little guy!
It was all I could do to keep him awake until we got home so he could settle in for a nice long nap. 
Daniel, Michelle and I were tired after a late night at the movies and rising early to prep for the party, so we came home, changed into sweats, and spent the afternoon/evening lounging around the house, talking, laughing, and enjoying the quiet rest. 
After dinner, we were craving ice cream so we went to the store with the intent of returning home to watch a movie while slurping our favorite flavors from a spoon. But it never happened because Daniel said, "I have a question that I forgot to ask earlier ..." which launched us into a four-hour conversation. The three of us have talked nonstop since I arrived, but this discussion was unique - and needed - and it was a perfect way to end our time together.

Tomorrow we will worship the Lord together at church, and then I will fly home to be reunited with my family. I cannot wait to see my people, but I will not lie ... I am going to miss Jenny, Kelsi, and Michelle. These past nine days have been wonderful, full of new experiences, and I am beyond thankful that they invited me into their worlds for a short time. ♥

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