Vacation Day 8 - Indiana - Walks, Shopping, Dinner and a Movie!

This morning Daniel went to work and Michelle and I took a nice long walk along the Ohio River!
The recent rains have flooded the area, so it was interesting to see the overflow.
It was COLD and sunny and windy ... perfect!

After meandering through River City, we witnessed the sunset on the Ohio River.

Michelle and I thought it would be fun to act like tourists and take photos of EVERYthing on our dinner/movie date. I will not make you suffer by including all of them here, but suffice it to say we laughed a lot and enjoyed every minute!
At first, Daniel thought it was the dumbest idea ever, but after photo #22 he joined in the merriment and was a cooperative and enthusiastic model. <big grin>







Thank you for a wonderful, relaxing, and refreshing day, Michelle!
And thank you for a fun and memorable date night, Daniel!

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