Happy Birthday, Caleb!


What a JOY it is to be your mom!
Since the day you were born you have made us laugh with your funny facial expressions and sense of humor. You have always been light-hearted and easy to please, which makes loving you a delight.

You are thoughtful - thinking of what would make others happy or feel wanted.
You are compassionate - quick to serve those ignored and forgotten by everyone else.
You are kind - willing to make people laugh and feel good.
You are affectionate - always ready with a hug and an "I love you."
You are creative - designing new Lego creations and inventing games to play.
You are sensitive - hurt by harsh words and unkind attitudes.
You are a good friend - encouraging, faithful, and desiring their company.

I am proud of you, Caleb.
You have to work harder than others to succeed, and though it frustrates you, you keep trying.
Never lose that character quality, son. The world does not care about your struggles - they just want you to do things the way they think things should be done. But the Lord created your mind to work differently, and He has a purpose for doing so. Seek HIS way first and fastest, and always remember that obedience to the Lord is the measure of success - not the response of others.
Walk in obedience every day, begging the Lord for the strength and grace to do so, and make His pleasure your greatest pursuit.

I love you, Caleb.
You are a sweet and loving son, and I am grateful you are mine!

Happy 14th Birthday!

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