Easter Weekend FUN - with FAMILY!

Easter Weekend - in Fresno!
We wanted to do something different for Easter this year, 
so we asked Steven & CC if we could spend it with them - and they said YES!
Nonstop action, conversation, and noise have taken place since we arrived - and it is WONDERFUL!
Today we enjoyed an Easter Brunch complete with a traditional Egg Hunt, Games, Face Painting, and a Petting Zoo. It was a festive and fun way to spend the morning!

I discovered a new job opportunity!
A Holiday Ambassador! “Bridging the gap of fear between children and holiday icons.” 
{Easter bunny, Santa Claus etc.}
After watching child after child scream in fear when placed in the lap of the giant bunny by smiling parents at the Easter event, I decided to try an experiment.
I asked the woman inside the bunny if she would hug me and let me hug her so the kids could see that despite her gigantic head and incisors, she is sweet and lovable. 🐇💗
It worked for my niece, so hopefully, it helped other children smile (not scream) when they were forced to take the obligatory Easter Bunny photo.

Roman, Lorenzo, Josiah, Ellie, and Isaiah enjoying their spoils after the Egg Hunt.

We did it!
We actually managed to get a photo of the siblings - all at the same time!
And - I LIKE US! ❤

What would a holiday event be without a few selfies?
And who better to take them with than Dennis and my teens?
I love my men!

Dennis, Steven, the teens, and the kids - not one of them wanted to take advantage of the various photo ops available. So - CC and I decided to have photo fun on our own!
We also planned to get our faces painted with Olivia and Sofia, but children kept cutting in front of us. While frustrated, we chose to be gracious and give up rather than elbowing our way through a crowd of toddlers and little girls to get our way.
(I will admit however, I was disappointed that we didn't get to see the looks on the faces of the painters when we requested "the ascension of Jesus" as our facial art. <grin>)

My brother, Steven, is one of the most faithful, stable, and supportive people in my life.
No matter what - we always have each other. And for this, I am incredibly thankful.

All together!
Just the way I LOVE it! ♥

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