Vacation Day 5 - Tennessee - Plantation and lunch!

 Today we enjoyed a delightful tour of an old Tennessee plantation - Belle Meade.
I have never been to a plantation so this was another new experience!
The family used their land as a Thoroughbred Farm,
and produced the famous horse that sired Man of War and Sea Biscuit.
The grounds are beautiful, the house is delightful, and the history of the family and the workers is quite interesting. The facts provided a catalyst for great conversation the rest of the day.
After the tour, we walked the grounds and poked through the gift shop.
It was a wonderful way to spend the day!

(Though you can barely see us, we are sitting in the rocking chairs on the porch ... 
as comfortably as if we own the place!)

We wanted to go out to lunch one more time (a rare treat for moms!) so we chose a fun, southern place called Biscuit Love. The name itself made me laugh. Southerners love their biscuits!
This terrific sign was the focal point of the restaurant, so after lunch, we waited for two customers sitting in front of it to leave so we could take a photo with the sign.
The waitress noticed us trying to set up the shot and offered to take the photo so we could both be in it. Yay! I asked her if we could stand on the bench and she said "Yes! But don't get hurt!"
Just as we posed for the camera, the owner/manager walked out of the kitchen, looked at us like we were a touch odd, and then called out, "You better post that on Instagram!"
We laughed, thanked him for his kindness, and went on our way.

It seems every restaurant in the south bakes biscuits. Fluffy, tasty, finger-lickin' good biscuits!
Biscuit Love makes their own version - BONUTS.
Fried biscuits covered in sugar and sitting atop fresh blueberries.
We had to try them ... we just had to. And we were not disappointed!

Faithful friends are TREASURES!
And having Kelsi as a friend is like finding a pot of gold!

My dear friend made the mistake of telling me she was a cheerleader in junior high/high school, 
and then said, "Don't hold it against me!" HAHA!
I told her I wouldn't, and then said, "BUT - now we have to do a cheer pose!"
She hopped on my back while her daughters caught it on film while we all laughed hysterically.
A fun memory to be sure!

We returned home to the kids, changed our clothes, piled everyone into the car, and went for a long walk at the park. The weather was gorgeous, the park was lush and green, and we walked and talked until we got all of our steps in. 
The rest of the evening was spent with Jim (her husband) talking about church, Christianity, doctrine, and serving people. We left each other feeling challenged, encouraged, and refreshed. YES!
Tomorrow is our final day together ... and we will make the most of it!

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