Vacation Day 2 - North Carolina - Gardens and Tea!

We rose early, got ready, and packed our bags in the car to head to Raleigh, North Carolina for a two-day mini-vacation. I know, I know, I am already on vacation - but Jenny wasn't! John graciously said "Yes" when she asked if we could have a girl's weekend - so here we are! Thanks, John!
We started our day at Duke University.
The sky was gorgeous and the grounds were beautiful! A perfect way to start our weekend.

We were already awed by this wonderfully designed building when standing outside of it and felt like we could have been standing on holy ground when we walked inside.
I have never stood inside of a cathedral before, so this was a wonderful experience.
You cannot help but look toward the heavens when the architecture forces your eyes to gaze at the hand-carved ceilings and stunning stained-glass windows.
As if the building itself was not enough, when we sat down we were greeted by live classical music and a handful of opera singers. A-MAZING! Jenny and I both closed our eyes and soaked it all in.
(We felt like Anne of Green Gables when she heard an opera singer for the first time.)
Duke Chapel was the highlight of the day, hands down.

After thoroughly enjoying the chapel, we the Sarah P. Duke Gardens.
Unfortunately, we missed the window for spring blossoms but strolled through the grounds nonetheless, enjoying the greenery. We discovered this lovely bridge in the Japanese Garden.
(The photo below shows the view from the bridge.)

Our final event of the day was a Tea at The Carolina Inn, located at UNC-Chapel Hill.
Everything out here is old and made of brick, so as expected, the campus was beautiful and the Inn was no exception. The halls were covered with photos and bios of successful and famous 
UNC-Chapel Hill alumni, so we strolled the halls while waiting for our seating in the Tea Room.
The tea was delicious (I picked a new tea flavor - Gingerbread - yum!) and we savored every moment of our time there.
A WONderful idea! Thank you for planning this, Jenny!

(One small portion of the lobby at The Carolina Inn.)

The trees out here! My - oh my!


We checked into our hotel (on the NC State campus) and changed into yoga pants and tennis shoes so we could enjoy a nice long walk to stretch our legs and work off the sugary treats ingested at the tea before settling in for a fun movie and a night of sound sleep. 
Today was a TERRIFIC day!

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