Vacation Day 1 - North Carolina - Big Rigs!

Jenny and I have not seen each other in nine years. Oh, what a wonderful reunion it was!
(We have not stopped talking except to sleep.)
One of the things I love best about my friendship with Jenny is that regardless of how much time passes between our phone conversations or visits - we are the same. No apologies, awkward moments, or insecurities - just mutual affection and JOY.

I actually met John in college before Jenny did. He had a fantastic southern accent and would always greet me in his drawl, "Hello, Mish-ale." Made me laugh EVERY time.
And then, before I knew it, he was dating my roommate - 
and I was in their wedding three years later. ❤

Our first day together began in the crisp, cold, fresh air as we took an hour-long walk around East Carolina University's campus. 
The old brick buildings were lovely, so we had to get a photo!

The adventure of the day was visiting Jenny's dad at his trucking company.
I have never been inside a big rig, so I asked Keith if he would let me climb inside one of his trucks. He responded, "I can do better than that! I will take you with me to pick up a load!" And he did!
It was so much FUN!
I asked him at least 72 questions and learned much about semi's, hauling loads, and the trucking industry in general. I'm sure he thought I was crazy, but he answered them nonetheless!

He took me for a drive in their newest and fanciest rig.
Leather seats, wood paneling, a double bunk in the cabin, a refrigerator ... the works!
I never knew how relaxing one could feel in these beasts!
(The cute little guy is John and Jenny's son Jason.)

The view from the road.

Thank you for making a fun memory for me, Keith! I LOVED it!

Jenny's Mom, Donna. Always ready with a smile!

Jenny's brother Wade. I met this guy when he was still in high school! Now, he is a master mechanic and keeps their fleet of trucks in tip-top condition. And - he has a lovely wife and three children.
Well done, Wade!

Our day ended with a delicious dinner, the Olympics, seeing an old friend (and former wedding party member), and lots and lots of talking and laughing.
It was a GREAT day! 

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