Not planned - but still okay.

When your 10 p.m. flight in Washington D.C. is canceled, you have two choices:
1. Complain and get angry.
2. Choose to find the GOOD wrapped up in the disappointment.

I had less than three minutes to make my decision, so when I walked up to the United Help Desk, I looked at the man and said, “I’m not mad, but I might cry. Will you please tell me what to do?”
He smiled, and in a very gentle voice replied, “I will take care of everything, ma’am.”
If I was allowed to hug him, it would have been a BEAR hug!

The upside of the canceled flight?
• I added 3,000 steps to my daily total after walking all over the airport looking for the taxi sent to retrieve me. Yay!
• I spent an hour with five jolly people who were also booted from our flight, including a man from Scotland who was impressed with my knowledge of Scottish culture thanks to the DeCourcy family!
• The airline put us up in a fancy hotel - my room is on the 11th floor - and I can see the Pentagon!
• Though our drive was in the dark of night, I saw the Lincoln and Washington Monument!
Another first on this trip!
• The airline put me on the first flight out, so I will be in Tennessee at 8:10 am. Woohoo!
• I get to sleep in a giant, comfy king sized bed instead of an airport chair.
Life is good!

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