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Dennis and the teens are up in Big Bear with the youth group, and my brother and sis-in-law are down visiting for the weekend. Woohoo!
This was the first week that every Eastman was healthy, so it was a GREAT week, and we are praising God for protecting and healing our family.
The sun is out, the sky is blue, my children are playing outside as they wait to celebrate their cousin's third birthday, worship music is playing, and tonight I will get to enjoy several hours with my sisters. This is a splendid Saturday! Thank You, Father, for such a gift!

When you don't have cable television, this is how you participate in Sunday/Monday/Thursday/Saturday night football - playing Madden Football on your iPad!
Micah, Luke, and Caleb loved this game when they were young (and still do), so they introduced it to their siblings. It took all of an hour for Josiah, Isaiah, and Ellie to join in the fun of choosing teams, players, making plays, and cheering or booing when they win or lose.
I am so glad they enjoy simple things!

I am thrilled that I was f i n a l l y able to get my children interested in puzzles.
I have tried and tried over the years, but not one of them had the patience to engage in the long hours of putting one together. Until now!
They work on it on their own, they work together, they ask me and Dennis to help, and they celebrate EVERY time they fit a new piece into the puzzle.
I think my favorite part, however, is that it provides a quiet and relaxed time for conversation that would not happen otherwise. We have conquered 500 pieces, time to move up to 1,000!

The Lord has blessed us with the privilege of caring for a sweet six-month-old baby for the next three months.
Meet Baby Josiah!
This little guy may never learn to crawl or walk, however, because he is always being held by an Eastman.
There is no shortage of love, arms, or attention for him in this house!
Not only do I love that we are able to serve his mom in this way, it is also a delight to watch Josiah, Isaiah, and Ellie be attentive, thoughtful, and serve him the entire time he is with us.
Servanthood begins when children are young ... the sooner they learn to serve others, getting outside of their own wants and needs, the better! And I am incredibly thankful the Lord has provided this opportunity for them to do so.
It is also encouraging to see their enthusiasm for babies and small children because it reminds me how the Lord has prepared all eight Eastmans for foster care. I can't wait for the day the Lord gives us a green light to enter the foster care system so we can welcome baby after baby into our home - our lives - and our hearts. ♥

We studied the life of Samson this week. He is such a mess of sin and surrender, isn't he?
After talking about this prophet of God and reading about him in Scripture, we needed an activity to make it "stick."
So, we pulled in our giant Jenga blocks and built pillars for the kids to knock down just as he did in his last moments of life on earth.
They had a great time!
They had to rebuild the pillars every time it was knocked down, of course, but they had fun doing so!
(Their eyes are closed to represent the fact that Samson was blind after having his eyes gouged out by the Philistines.)
Josiah won the prize for Most Realistic for his scream and facial expressions. HA!

~~~ I hope you have a wonderful weekend waiting for you, and will stop to praise God for His goodness and thank Him for such joys!
And if you are surrounded by trials and struggles, I pray you will seek the Lord diligently, for He is the only One who can provide the comfort, mercy, and grace you need. You are not alone. Call out to Him ... and He will answer you. He hears the cries of those who love Him!

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