Day 10 - Eastman Urgent Care.

Let's see. Where did I leave off? Oh, yes. Day five. Let's pick up there, shall we?

- Luke, Josiah, and Isaiah relapsed.
- Micah is healthy, though tired.
- Caleb is 100% healthy. Yes!
- Dennis and Ellie decided to take a different route home from up north so they could spend time with my brother and CC and the kids in Fresno. With my blessing. (Why return to an infirmary when you can enjoy 24 hours of fun, good food, and the USC/Ohio State Cotton Bowl?)
- No laundry! Woohoo!
- A sweet friend did a grocery run for us - and brought flowers! A blessing, indeed!
- The day was spent at home watching movies, playing games, coughing, sniffling, and sleeping.
- Just one load of laundry to start the day.
- Dennis and Ellie returned at noon.
- Dennis' 50th Birthday!
- He went on a loooong run.
- Everyone lounged about the house convalescing during the afternoon.
- We took birthday photos to document the day, and had fun doing so!
- We brought dinner in from Island's since our original plans were canceled due to illness.
- At 7 pm Ellie dropped with a 101-degree fever.
- At 7:30 pm Dennis dropped with a 103-degree fever.
- Micah and Luke were well enough to go to church and enjoy time with friends for lunch.
- Josiah and Isaiah rallied but were not quite whole.
- Dennis and Ellie slept 20 of the 24 hours as their fevers rose and fell throughout the day.
- Three loads of laundry were run through the machines.
- I discovered I could make a mini fridge out of an insulated beach bag for Dennis to keep in our room so I would not have to go in and out a dozen extra times in between administering meds and taking his temperature. (The man may be sick but he can still EAT! A lot!)
- My cell phone still proved to be my best friend by keeping everyone's fever medicine schedule on point.
- Micah, Luke, and Caleb joyfully attended the youth group's New Year's Eve party!
- I tucked Josiah, Isaiah, and Ellie into bed at 7 pm, and happily curled up on the couch under a thick quilt to enjoy a few hours of mindless activity and laughter watching Everybody Loves Raymond.
- The teens returned to wish me a Happy New Year at 12:45 am. (Thank You, Lord, for protecting them!)
- All of the kids are better with just fatigue and residual coughs and sniffles.
- Dennis is still down for the count with his fever waffling between 99 and 102 degrees.
- I decided it was the perfect time to clean out, purge, and reorganize the teen's closets. Actually, I think it is always a good time for such a task! (They were not as thrilled as I was.)
- Errand run.
- Three loads of laundry completed. (I am starting to hate those machines!)
- Our neighbor delivered a bag of mini chocolate chip cookies from Panera - just for me! Bless this dear woman, and may she always, always have comfortable shoes!
- I ordered pizza for dinner because honestly, I could not "do" one.more.thing.
- I got everyone showered and ready for bed and then let them watch Sandlot.
- Picked up Luke from work at 9 pm.
- Collapsed on the couch and did not move again until the sun was shining brightly at 6:30 am.
- Dennis still had a fever when he woke up (we cannot get it below 99.9) so we planned to visit Urgent Care to make sure he does not have an ear infection, strep throat, or anything else that would keep his fever running for days. That plan was thwarted, however, when the appointment desk said they do not take appointments during flu season. "First come, first served," she said. And it was about a two-hour wait to be served. No thanks!
Providentially, Dennis already had an appointment scheduled with his own doctor tomorrow morning at 9:45 am, so we hope he will shed some light on what is happening with D's body. Who knows, the doc may say, "Suck it up, Buttercup!" We shall see!
- I was in no way prepared to start school lessons today, so I decided to paint three bedrooms instead. There's no reason to waste an entire day, right? (Fun fact: I was the first customer of the year at the paint store! Yippee!) All of the kid's bedrooms are purged, cleaned, mopped, and freshly painted. Happy New Year to me! <insert Happy Dance here>
- In-N-Out was the unanimous vote for dinner. (I know this is not in the Bible, but it should be ... "Blessed are those who give restaurant gift cards to large families!")
- Teens are doing homework, kids are showered and playing hide-n-seek, Dennis is resting on freshly washed sheets, the house is clean and Lysoled, I am dressed in cozy pajamas, and at 7 pm I will be curled up on the couch watching a movie that makes me smile.

I am not going to lie, friends. The temptation to give in to frustration, yell, or roll my eyes is GREAT. I am exhausted. And after painting all day, sore! I have not prayed adequately in the past ten days. Just popcorn prayers and a quick yet sincere, "Thank You, Lord, for getting us through another day!" as I drift to sleep each night, but the Lord is sustaining me as though I were spending copious hours on my knees before Him. And I am thankful for such grace.
The verse I am claiming for this season of illness is I Chronicles 16:11.
Seek the Lord and His strength; seek His presence continually!
I pray I will be faithful to do so because I NEED Him!

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