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One of my favorite Christmas traditions as a child was receiving a new ornament every year from my grandmother. We would open them on Christmas Eve so we could enjoy looking at them on the tree Christmas Day.
My grandmother told us, "When you move out or get married, you will have enough ornaments to decorate your own Christmas tree!" And she was right!
When Micah was born I asked my mom and Mom Eastman if they would carry on the tradition, and they have done so faithfully year after year.
I love watching my kids hunt for "their ornaments" when it is time to decorate the tree and see their smiles as the memories play through their minds.

Two years ago I had the privilege of witnessing this sweet young woman say, "I Do!" to her beloved Nathan, and absorb their palpable JOY as they danced and laughed and shared their hearts with their guests at their wedding reception.
Last week, I had the privilege of rejoicing with my sister once again because ...
Angela and Nathan are becoming foster/adoptive PARENTS!
How exciting it is to watch them step out in faith and respond obediently to what the Lord has so clearly called them to do - "visit orphans in their distress."
She and Nathan have already been welcomed into our Orphan Care ministry and I am confident they will give as much encouragement as they receive!
I love you, Angela, and will always be thankful that the Lord drew us together "for such a time as this," through discipleship first, and then - as friends.

Caleb and Isaiah are the third and fourth Eastman children to acquire reading glasses.
I think the prescription barely surpasses that of over-the-counter specs, but it is enough to take away the blur on the page and the reading fatigue they both experience.
Thankfully, all of our boys thought it was "cool" to get glasses which makes the process quite easy.
Lookin' good, guys!

Today marks Day 10 of "50 Days of Dennis" in honor of his 50 years of life!
Thus far he has been gifted a fantastic steak dinner accompanied by an evening of great conversation and laughter with friends, thoughtful letters of appreciation,
fun gifts, gift cards to some of his favorite eating places,
homemade chocolate chip cookies, and 50 cans of Kerns Guava Nectar, or as he calls it, "the nectar of the gods."
This particular gift was delivered while he was teaching, so when he found them we heard, "WooHOO!" and he walked back out with a can in his hand, smiling from ear to ear.
My favorite part was the dividers between the cans. Julie wrote Dennis' life mantras on them with a personal note attached to each.
Begin with the end in mind.
Be a trier, not a cryer.
Act like what you do matters because it DOES!
Win the moment.

Yesterday, I had the joy of spending the morning with my best friend from JUNIOR HIGH! We met at a restaurant and the second we saw each other we embraced in a hug that lasted forever.
How I have missed her!
We spent three hours talking without one pause in the conversation - and it was wonderful.
Desi and I have a long and full history together, and now the Lord has brought us back together 33 years later "for such a time as this," and I cannot wait to see what He has planned for us as sisters in Christ - and as FRIENDS. 

~~~ Merry Sunday, everyone!
I hope you have a wonderful week waiting for you, and will have many opportunities to share the beauty and truth of Christmas with those around you.
"For God so loved the world HE GAVE His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16

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